Colorful – Episode 1

It’s Saturday morning and Akron Idalgo is checking out the latest happenings in Colorful.  Something catches his eye.

Peattie’s Used Books is now open.” Akron says to himself.

Being an avid lover of literature, it would be hard for him to resist the opportunity to visit a new bookstore that suits the not-so-deep pockets of a student.

Peattie’s Used Books.  I’ll check it out.”

As soon as he enters the store, he sees a woman checking the shelves.

“Beautiful.”  Akron says to himself.  “Is she the owner?  An employee, maybe?”

“Hi!  Welcome to Peattie’s Used Books!  Can I help you find something?”

“Hello.  Do you have anything by Horatius Hummel?”

She was surprised.  “What?!  Oh my!  You know about Horatius Hummel?”

“Yeah!  He’s one of my favorite authors.”  Akron excitedly proclaimed.

“Really?  Have you read Boys of Our Legacy?”

“That was the first book I read by him.  I felt Hummel’s conveyance of loneliness and longing on a visceral level at the end.”

“You felt it, too?  I didn’t think there was anyone else out there that could feel it.”

“Yes.”  Akron took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and began to recite.  “His heart cracked, and one tear was shed as he resigned himself to his final fate.  There would be no return.”

When Akron opened his eyes, he looked right into her face.  Tears were falling.

Shocked and confused by her reaction, Akron wanted to panic.  “S-Sorry!  Did I misquote it?”

“Not at all.”  She gently responded.  “My name is Kanady Peattie.  What’s your name?”

“Umm…  A-Akron.  I-Idalgo.  Akron Idalgo.”

“Akron…” Kanady said as she stepped a little closer to him.  “Will you marry me?”


End of Episode 1

Author’s Notes
– Kanady and Akron’s storyline will be loosely based on Futari no Renai Shoka by Yamazaki Kore.
– Horatius Hummel is a fictional character/author.
– The book title Boys of Our Legacy does not exist.

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The Schadenfreude Legacy 1.4

Read ISBI Challenge Rules.
Riskacy:  Having the founder and heirs marry (or breed with) the first adult Sim of the opposite (or same) gender that walks onto the lot.

NSFW:  Underwear!

There is a daily routine in the Schadenfreude home.

  1.  The Nanny insults and laughs at Marie throughout the day.

2.  Marie lies on the couch stewing in her own anger.

Marie:  (internally) I’m going to strangle that old crow one day.  Believe it!

3.  Makoto St. Julien comes by just to kick the trash can.

Then Hans comes home.  This time with a promotion!

He greets Armin.

He greets Marie.

And lastly, he gets a little afternoon pick-me-up.

Armin has aged up to a toddler, and none too soon, because…

A tuxedo, EAxis?  Really?!

Marie, I really don’t think it’s wise to be drinking in your condition.

Marie:  Shut up.  I need this.

It sucks for Hans being the only controllable sim on the lot.  There’s not enough simoleons to pay for a maid, so anytime there’s a mess, he’s the one to clean it up.

While Hans was cleaning up the mess Makoto St. Julien left, Marie was making a mess of her own.

The Schadenfreude house also has an evening routine.

  1.  Hans bathes Armin.

2.  Hans feeds Armin dinner.

3.  Hans works on studying skills for his next promotion.


OK.  Let’s go with “Turn in the Role Sheet”.


He looks pitiful.  I’m sorry, Hans.

Hans cried several times that day.

He cried before answering the phone…

…and he cried after he finished his dinner.

However, an affectionate hug from Marie made him feel better and he was able to function again.

He gave Armin a bath…

…read him a story, and then put him to bed.

Hans was finally able to bed down for the night as well.  Unfortunately, as soon as he closed his eyes…

Armin started screaming at the top of his lungs.  He screamed so loud that an extra mouth appeared under the one he already had.

Hans doesn’t look too thrilled about having his sleep interrupted.

Hans:  Congratulations on your engagement, Marie!

Marie:  Honey, are you running a fever?

No.  He’s just suffering from extreme sleep deprivation.


You’ve been completely uncontrolled ignored and still had a so-so week.  That’s pretty impressive.

Hans needs more charisma in order to get that next promotion.

Simoleons for a gardener is not in their budget, so Hans is also taking care of the flowers and shrubs.

While Hans was outside being a workhorse, Marie was inside playing a game until she jumped into her second trimester.


Didn’t we do this already?  What the hell?!  I’ll go with “Alter the Role Sheet” this time.


Shouldn’t Samantha Ottomas be on maternity leave?

Hans:  Woo!  Yeah!!  I’m the man.  I’m the man!!  I’M THE MAN!!!

Hans eagerly talks to Samantha about his wife’s pregnancy.

Marie:  (internally) The knight captures the enemy piece.

Armin aged up to a child, and none too soon because…

Marie:  -eeeyouch uggh yeow-

Hans:  Why did you have to go into labor right there?  I was going to get another grilled cheese sandwich.

Welcome to Pleasantview, baby girl Ada Schadenfreude.  She has Hans’ eyes!  Yay!!

Hans is proud.

Marie:  Eww!  What is that?!  Get it away from me!!

Hans:  That is our oldest son, Armin.

Armin:  -sad-

I have concerns about the future of their relationship.

Torch Holders: 1
Perma Platinum Sims:
Shrink Visits:
Social Worker Visits:
Accidental Deaths:
Bladder Accidents: 1
Top of Career:
Pass Outs:
Food Naps: 1

To be continued…

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Coming Soon! Yan and Tulli Egan

Yan and Tulli Egan | Keeping the Fire Burning

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Coming Soon! Karel Wisner and Isadoro Bando

Karel Wisner and Isadoro Bando | Best Friends, Business Partners, Roommates

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Coming Soon! Indira Wisner and Aldine Bodine

Indira Wisner and Aldine Bodine | It’s Complicated

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Coming Soon! Elwood and Corinda Wisner

Elwood and Corinda Wisner | Still in Love in the Golden Years

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Going for Broke – Chapter 3

NSFW:  Nudity & Sexual Situations

Previously, a pregnant Brandi searched all over Pleasantview for “somebody.”  After a few failures, Brandi encountered Jason Menon standing in front of her house.  They fell in love, and Jason moved in.  Shortly after Jason’s move-in, Dean Broke was born and Dustin went off to University.

Four years have passed since then.  Brandi took a job in the Education field, while Jason continued working in the Culinary field.  They saved their simoleons and left the trailer park behind.

Brandi and Jason now reside at 130 Sim Lane in Pleasantview.  It’s a bit cramped and very basic, but it’s better than Brandi’s tiny trailer.

Brandi and Jason are putting in lots of work to have a baby together.

Dina Caliente often drops by unannounced to be nosy check on Brandi’s current romance life.

Beau always runs to Brandi to give her a hug when she gets home from work.

It seems that Beau has a way with the little ladies of the neighborhood.  He’s always bringing one home with him from school.

Outside, Brandi and Jason are working overtime for that baby.

Brandi, if you and Jason are out here, then where is Dean?

I see.  You left him on the cold, kitchen floor to go have hot tub sex with your fiance.  I should call the Social Worker!

Fortunately, there was no need, as Dean was able to safely transition to a toddler.

Calvin Chalmers:  You brought me home with you from work, so that means we’re best friends now, right?!

Jason:  (nervous laugh) Slow your roll, bruh!  I had absolutely no control over that.

Neither did I!

Jason:  Son, how is the stock market going to look in the next year or two?

Beau:  I don’t know, Dad.  There are simply too many variables that contribute to the market’s performance.  However, I do know that it’s going to be higher 10 to 20 years from now.  For this reason, I suggest a minimum 10-year investment time frame if you’re going to buy stocks.

Beau, you are fucking brilliant!

Brandi:  (thinking internally) Did Jason hit the nail on the head?

Brandi:  Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!

Porcelain God:  Yes.  Yes, he did.

Dean, I know you’re really hungry, but you shouldn’t drink from that bottle.  It’s emitting noxious gases. 

Dean:  Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!

Told ya!

Jason:  I think we should go ahead and get married.

Brandi:  (sleepily) Mmmhmm.  Yeah.

Finally!  Someone’s paying some attention to Dean!

Beau made a smooth transition to a teenager.  Unfortunately, EAxis dressed him like one of the Village People.

This is Brittany Wendland.  Jason brought her home with him from work.  They have some serious chemistry.

Brandi, feeling threatened by that serious chemistry, farted in Brittany’s face as she ate a bowl of vegetable soup.

Brandi’s Butt:  -pbpbpbpbp-

Brittany had no fucks to give and continued eating the soup.

All was forgotten once Brandi’s baby bump showed up.  All Jason wanted to do was bond with the little one that was on the way.

It was a small ceremony attended by immediate family.

Brandi Broke is now Mrs. Brandi Menon.

As soon as the “I Dos” were said, Jason made a beeline to Angela Pleasant (who is now pregnant with her’s and Dustin’s first child).

Jason:  I’m officially family now.  Come on!  Give us a hug!

Angela:  Eww!  Hell no!  Get away!

Dustin gave a beautiful speech and toast for the newlyweds.  Then some random guy showed up.

Brandi gave Jason a thorough throat exam to make sure no cake was stuck in there.

The wedding was not a moment too soon.  Brandi went into labor that same night.

Welcome to Pleasantview, baby girl Bambi Menon.

To be continued…

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