Colorful – Episode 3

Previously:  Horatius Hummel

Akron stood dumbfounded and dazed in front of his locker.  Kanady Peattie’s marriage proposal has caused him to be a bit off kilter the past few days.  Akron’s friend, Yves Ceriale has noticed.

“What’s going on?”  Yves asked.  “You’ve been totally out of it for the last few days.”

Akron looked troubled.

“Yves, what would you do if a total stranger asked you to marry them?”

“Did something like that actually happen to you?”

Akron remained silent, only looking at Yves.

“Wait.  What?!  Maybe it was just a joke.”

“I don’t know why she said that to me, but it didn’t seem like she was joking.”

“She must be a real beauty, because you actually don’t sound like you’re opposed to the idea.  I’m actually impressed!”

“Impressed?  Why?”

“This is actually the first time you’ve shown an interest in the opposite sex.”

“Well … yeah.  You’re right.  I guess.”

Since that Saturday morning when he left Peattie’s Used Books, Akron had not been able to get Kanady’s face out of his mind.

It was not that Akron had no interest in girls, it was mainly that Akron had not met any girls that enjoyed talking about books.

However, for Akron, it was more.  There was something about Kanady that felt comforting and familiar.

“You goin’ home, Akron?”  Yves wanted to know.

“Yeah.  What’s up?”  Akron asked.

“Do you mind if I hang out at your place today?  I really don’t feel like going home.”

“I don’t mind, but there’s no snacks.  I’ll need to do some grocery shopping.”

“Go ahead and let yourself in.”  Akron started.  “You remember where I hid the key?”  He asked.

“In the flower pot by the front door, right?” Yves confirmed.

“That’s right.”  Akron said.

Yves left the school building and made his way to Akron’s house.  Akron went to the grocery store, which was in the opposite direction.

Peattie’s Used Books was on the way to the grocery store.  Akron stood outside wondering if he should go in.  He was still trying to make a decision when …


Kanady was standing in the doorway.

“Oh.  Hello.”

“Come on in.”

“I just love the smell of old books.”  Akron said as he looked around and inhaled.

“My father collected books from all over the world.  It’s his collection that helped me open this store.”

“So, your father is …”

“Dead?  No. no.  He’s alive and well.  It’s just been a long time since I’ve seen him.”  Kanady paused.  “Years actually.”

Akron was touched by her admission.

“I haven’t seen my parents in years, either.  They’re off traveling around the world.  I’m close to forgetting what they look like.”

“We might be the same, you and I.”  Kanady said as she put her hands on Akron’s shoulders.

“We might be.”  Akron softly responded.

“You feel like a good memory, Akron.”

“A good memory?”

“Mhmm.  Like something I lost a long time ago.”  Kanady reached out to caress Akron’s cheek.

“I feel like you might be able to bring those good times back to me.  That’s why I want you.”

“I have nothing to offer you.”  Akron said, sounding a little disappointed with himself.

“I only need you, Akron.”  Kanady said with a gentle smile.  “And it might not be much, but I’ll be yours, too.”

Kanady wanted Akron from the bottom of her heart, and he was beyond moved by that.

“Were you lonely, Akron?”

“Yes.”  Akron whispered through tears.

“I’m too young now, but when I graduate from University, let’s get married.”

Kanady, who was now in tears, nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, at Akron’s house, Yves was …

“Aaaaakron …  Come hoooome …  I’m staaaarving …”

End of Episode 3


Akron Idalgo

A very mature and responsible high school student with excellent grades.  He is single.  He’s been enthralled with books since he first learned to read.  The library is his favorite place to hang out.  He has more interest in books than the opposite sex.  He has a few close friends.  He has a talent for memorizing entire books from front cover to back cover just by reading them once.