The Schadenfreude Legacy 1.5

Read ISBI Challenge Rules.
Riskacy:  Having the founder and heirs marry (or breed with) the first adult Sim of the opposite (or same) gender that walks onto the lot.

NSFW:  Nudity and Sexual Situations

An awesome way to start an update.

Marie has lovingly acknowledged Armin.  In the last update, she regarded him as something one would scrape off the bottom of their shoe.

Looks like baby #3 is on the way.


Hans doesn’t need co-workers coming over.  He needs to earn §20,000 so he can move into a larger home.

He’s getting closer the the financial goal.

This is Nolan Jones, the co-worker that Hans invited over.  He danced in front of the radio for hours while Hans totally ignored him.

He was also totally ignored by Marie after she came home from work.

Nolan Jones:  (internally)  It’s lonely over here.

Go home, then!

Autonomously, Marie is very good about feeding Ada, but aside from that, she has no idea of what else to do for her.

First pop!

This pregnancy is already taking a toll on Marie.

She’s so bad off that she’s started having nightmares.

Armin always comes to give her hugs.  It’s like he knows that his mother is really bad off.

However, tossing a ball at night, in the rain, with her son is not going to make her fare any better.

Second pop caught at a really awkward moment.

Armin received a call from some random neighborhood kid and they talked like they’d known each other for ages even though they’ve never met.

Amin Sims is everybody’s friend.  Honestly, I have no idea how he even got there.  I think he just showed up and walked on into the house.

Things for Marie have gone from bad to worse.  She put Ada in her crib and ALMOST made it to the bed.  Unfortunately, she passed out right next to it.

Ada has aged up to a toddler and she is beautiful.  It looks like she has Marie’s lips and Hans’ nose.  I love the eyes against her dark skin!

Marie’s misery is heartbreaking to watch.  I’ve already used her one command, so there’s nothing I can do for her now.

Marie went into bladder failure and hunger desperation as soon as she got out of the shower.

While Marie is inside having a bad time, Hans is outside working on those two logic skill points that he needs for his next promotion.

Instead of doing his homework, Armin opts to destroy the sofa.

In their filthy bathroom, Marie goes into labor while standing in a puddle of her own pee.

Baby girl, Blasa Schadenfreude has arrived.  She looks exactly like Ada.

Marie went back into hunger desperation.

She went to stuff her face in the fridge.

Harry Monroe, because Sally O’Minky sounds like a loser name.

Yes!  Only §12,000 to go.

Then, just as Hans was pulling into the driveway, this happened…

Death:  (demonic voice)  I’m sorry you have to witness this, little one.

By the time Hans came in the house, Marie had been reduced to an urn.  It was too late for him to plead for her life.  No doubt that Ada will probably be traumatized for the rest of her life.

Instead of being devastated by the loss of his wife of 21 sim days, and the mother of his three children, Hans…

…and Brandi (who is married to Jason Menon) start making out right beside Marie’s urn.

What in the nine circles of hell is going on here?!

As if she sensed some shiggity, Marie started haunting the house immediately and in broad daylight.

What?!  Your wife died of starvation this week!!

Armin was the only one that mourned Marie’s death.

Marie Rauscher Schadenfreude

Torch Holders: 1
Perma Platinum Sims: 0
Shrink Visits: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Accidental Deaths: 1
Resurrections: 0
Fights: 0
Bladder Accidents: 2
Top of Career: 0
Pass Outs: 1
Food Naps: 2

To be continued…


Going for Broke – Chapter 3: It’s Nasty!

NSFW:  Nudity & Sexual Situations

Previously, a pregnant Brandi searched all over Pleasantview for “somebody.”  After a few failures, Brandi encountered Jason Menon standing in front of her house.  They fell in love, and Jason moved in.  Shortly after Jason’s move-in, Dean Broke was born and Dustin went off to University.

Four years have passed since then.  Brandi took a job in the Education field, while Jason continued working in the Culinary field.  They saved their simoleons and left the trailer park behind.

Brandi and Jason now reside at 130 Sim Lane in Pleasantview.  It’s a bit cramped and very basic, but it’s better than Brandi’s tiny trailer.

Brandi and Jason are putting in lots of work to have a baby together.

Dina Caliente often drops by unannounced to be nosy check on Brandi’s current romance life.

Beau always runs to Brandi to give her a hug when she gets home from work.

It seems that Beau has a way with the little ladies of the neighborhood.  He’s always bringing one home with him from school.

Outside, Brandi and Jason are working overtime for that baby.

Brandi, if you and Jason are out here, then where is Dean?

I see.  You left him on the cold, kitchen floor to go have hot tub sex with your fiance.  I should call the Social Worker!

Fortunately, there was no need, as Dean was able to safely transition to a toddler.

Calvin Chalmers:  You brought me home with you from work, so that means we’re best friends now, right?!

Jason:  (nervous laugh) Slow your roll, bruh!  I had absolutely no control over that.

Neither did I!

Jason:  Son, how is the stock market going to look in the next year or two?

Beau:  I don’t know, Dad.  There are simply too many variables that contribute to the market’s performance.  However, I do know that it’s going to be higher 10 to 20 years from now.  For this reason, I suggest a minimum 10-year investment time frame if you’re going to buy stocks.

Beau, you are fucking brilliant!

Brandi:  (thinking internally) Did Jason hit the nail on the head?

Brandi:  Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!

Porcelain God:  Yes.  Yes, he did.

Dean, I know you’re really hungry, but you shouldn’t drink from that bottle.  It’s emitting noxious gases. 

Dean:  Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!

Told ya!

Jason:  I think we should go ahead and get married.

Brandi:  (sleepily) Mmmhmm.  Yeah.

Finally!  Someone’s paying some attention to Dean!

Beau made a smooth transition to a teenager.  Unfortunately, EAxis dressed him like one of the Village People.

This is Brittany Wendland.  Jason brought her home with him from work.  They have some serious chemistry.

Brandi, feeling threatened by that serious chemistry, farted in Brittany’s face as she ate a bowl of vegetable soup.

Brandi’s Butt:  -pbpbpbpbp-

Brittany had no fucks to give and continued eating the soup.

All was forgotten once Brandi’s baby bump showed up.  All Jason wanted to do was bond with the little one that was on the way.

It was a small ceremony attended by immediate family.

Brandi Broke is now Mrs. Brandi Menon.

As soon as the “I Dos” were said, Jason made a beeline to Angela Pleasant (who is now pregnant with her’s and Dustin’s first child).

Jason:  I’m officially family now.  Come on!  Give us a hug!

Angela:  Eww!  Hell no!  Get away!

Dustin gave a beautiful speech and toast for the newlyweds.  Then some random guy showed up.

Brandi gave Jason a thorough throat exam to make sure no cake was stuck in there.

The wedding was not a moment too soon.  Brandi went into labor that same night.

Welcome to Pleasantview, baby girl Bambi Menon.

To be continued…

The Schadenfreude Legacy 1.1

Read ISBI Challenge Rules.
Riskacy:  Having the founder and heirs marry (or breed with) the first adult Sim of the opposite (or same) gender that walks onto the lot.

NSFW:  Sexual Situations

The fearless leader, founder, patriarch, and torch holder, Hans Schadenfreude.  He’s a Scorpio.
Hans Schadenfreude resides here at 30 Middle Lane in Pleasantview.

Now that Hans has gotten settled into his home, it’s time to wait for that special someone to walk onto the lot.

Hans has decided to do some bird watching until it happens.

The first sim to walk onto Hans’ lot is Amy Jones.

I believe that would be a felony for Hans if he were to pursue her.

The second sim to walk onto the lot was Rod Humble.

I believe this would cause my game to explode!

Bored with bird watching and tired of waiting for “the one” to walk onto his lot, Hans goes inside to look for a job.  His dream career field was not advertised today.

Marie Rauscher comes strolling along.

Hans quickly comes out to greet her.

Hans:  If I kiss you, will you kiss me back?

Marie:  Uh.  Hmm…

Marie:  Yeah.  I’ll kiss you back.

Hans:  Hahaha!  Good!

It was a “Kiss Kiss Darling,” but still…

What the hell is going on here?!

Hans:  (internally) Wowwee!!  She’s so fine, she could catch a fish without a hook!

This groove gets totally interrupted by the neighbors coming to welcome Hans to the neighborhood.

Wanting to make a good impression, Hans whips up sushi for his guests.

I’m a little concerned about how he’s holding the knife.  It’s like a bloody accident waiting to happen.

Fortunately, there was no blood or amputations involved in Hans’ sushi preparations.

Poor Darren.  All the ladies are at the table with Hans, and Darren’s off by himself.

Darren:  It’s awfully cold over here.

The chemistry between Hans and Marie bubbled over during their meal.

Nina:  (internally) It’s like I’m not even here.

The chemistry continued bubbling after the meal.

Nina:  (internally)  Wow.  It’s like we’re not even here.

Darren:  (internally)  I want some of that.

Brandi:  Is there any more sushi?

The control of my game is now in the hands of the ACR.

The temperature was steadily rising on the inside, so Darren and Brandi went outside to throw water balloons at each other.

Inside, the chemistry between Hans and Marie morphed into a passion that burned hotter than 1,000 suns.

Hans:  I think we should exchange phone numbers.

Marie:  Yeah…

You two should probably exchange more than phone numbers.  I’m thinking…  Oh, I don’t know…  RINGS?!

Nina:  Oh my god!  Oh my god!!  They are in there totally getting it on right now!  Let’s go listen!!

Brandi:  Eww!!

Darren:  (internally) I wanna get it on.

You’ll have your chance, Darren.  You’ll have your chance…

Torch Holders: 1
Perma Platinum Sims:
Shrink Visits:
Social Worker Visits:
Accidental Deaths:
Bladder Accidents:
Top of Career:
Pass Outs:
Food Naps:

To be continued…

Going For Broke – Chapter 2: Are You That Somebody?


NSFW:  Nudity & Sexual Situations

Where we last left off:  Brandi, a widowed mother of two children, finds out that she’s pregnant and consults her friends, the Caliente sisters, Nina and Dina.  Nina tells Brandi that she needs to get herself a Sugar Daddy.


Brandi:  A what?


Nina Caliente:  A Sugar Daddy!  Some older man with money to spend on you and your kids.

Dina Caliente:  Well, in your case, you’ll be lucky just to find a Daddy.

Nina Caliente:  Just get out there and find somebody!


Taking the advice of her friends, Brandi sets out to find that somebody.

But, where does a woman with only §19 to her name go to look for that somebody?


Brandi decided to try the bookstore.

Should be lots of people there, right?



The only eligible candidate there was Michael Haggerty.  Brandi happily greeted him…


…and liked what she saw.

No!  Just… NO!  I will not let this happen, Brandi!


Brandi had been all over Pleasantview searching for that somebody.  It was dark by the time Brandi met Calvin Kim at the shopping center.


She couldn’t stand him, but he seemed to like her.


The next morning, in her front yard, Brandi met Ethan Barrett.


Brandi:  Umm…

Ethan Barrett:  Am I no good?

No, you’re not.  Please kick rocks.


The search for that somebody is extremely exhausting.  Brandi severed her entire face in a bowl of soup and didn’t feel a thing.

That looks…………painful.


Oh, Beau!  I totally forgot about you.  You grew up well.


Brandi needs additional §§§ soon.  Surviving off spoiled food has not been good for her health.


Apparently the SimGod was watching Brandi’s poverty struggle.  Brandi found Jason Menon standing in front of her house.

What did this pregnant, widowed, mother living alone do?  She let him in, of course.  And thought he was HOT.


Turns out, Jason likes to watch Brandi.  He watched Brandi as she watched TV.


He watched as Brandi peed on herself because Dustin was hogging the bathroom.  As she cried miserably, and began to smell, Jason continued to watch.


He even watched as Brandi took a much needed bath.

Is it weird that Brandi doesn’t seem to mind that he’s there?


The next morning, as Brandi slept, Dustin took it upon himself to make breakfast for himself and Beau.  Unfortunately, Dustin burns whatever he touches…


…and damn near poisoned his little brother.

That’s supposed to be cheesy grits, y’all!


While Dustin and Beau were away at school, Brandi cleaned her pee-soaked home.  It took her six hours!


Beau was so excited about his A+ report card that he busted in on Brandi while she was using the toilet.


After looking out of the window, Beau tells Brandi that there’s a strange man hanging around their house.  When Dustin and Brandi go to check it out, they find Jason Menon hanging around like it’s no big deal.


Brandi let Jason Menon know that she thinks he’s smokin’ HOT, then invited him in.


Jason Menon joined Dustin for an awkward version of the Smustle.


He joined Brandi and Dustin for a meager cheeseburger dinner.


Jason Menon:  Brandi, where is the father of your baby?

Brandi:  He passed away not so long ago.

Dustin:  Dad drowned while building the swimming pool in the backyard.

Jason Menon:  That’s unfortunate.

Brandi:  Umm, Jason…  Could you possibly be…that…somebody?

Jason Menon:  Perhaps…


Dustin left Brandi and Jason Menon alone so that he could help Beau get a little screen time.


That alone time was just what Jason Menon needed to make his move.


They quickly sealed the deal.


Jason Menon fell asleep with a smile on his face.


The next afternoon, Dustin was hyped to show Brandi his A+ report card, but all Brandi could do was stare out the window and think about Jason Menon.


Brandi asked Jason Menon to move in.

Well, he’s not wealthy, but §6,000 is WAY better than having only §19!


After moving in, Jason immediately jumped into the role of step-father.  He made breakfast for Dustin and Beau.


Jason even joined them in watching their favorite television programs.


Unfortunately, the bathroom seems to always be occupied and that has reduced Brandi to taking sponge baths in the kitchen sink.


Overall, Brandi, Dustin, and Beau are happier since Jason moved in.


Brandi:  Ooo!!  All that happy dancing induced my labor!!!


Welcome to Pleasantview, baby boy Dean Broke!


Brandi and Jason immediately got to work on having a baby of their own!

To be continued…



Going For Broke – Chapter 1: Get Yourself a Sugar Daddy


55 Woodland Drive


Brandi Broke.  Beautiful, recently widowed, and living in Pleasantview’s trailer park.  This is her story.


Brandi:  OK, Beau.  As soon as you learn how to walk, you’ve got to get a part-time job.  We need the money.

Really, Brandi?  You’re going to put little Beau to work?!


Brandi:  Om nom nom…  Nothing like cold, seven day old pizza!

Seven?  Did you say seven day old pizza?!  Brandi!

A few hours later, the school bus pulls up and drops Dustin off at home.


Brandi:  Your grades are absolutely awful!  You’ve got to do better!!  If you fail your classes, you’ll lose your part time job!!!  That CANNOT happen!!!!  This household relies on your part-time paycheck!!!!!

Dustin:  Mom…  Umm…  Can…



Brandi:  What?!  What is it, Dustin?!

Dustin:  Can you not do this in front of my girlfriend?

Angela Pleasant:  (off screen) Hi, Mrs. Broke.


Dustin:  (kicks trash can) Dammit, Mom!  It’s always about money with her!!  I’m SO sick of it!!!

Outside, while Dustin was releasing his frustrations on the trash can; inside, a new frustration was about to be born.


Brandi:  WAAA!!!  What happened to my clothes?!  I’m pregnant?!


Dustin:  You’re the only one that gets me, Angela.

Angela Pleasant:  You’re the only one that understands me, Dustin.  Wanna sneak out tonight?

Dustin:  Okay.


While Dustin struggled with his homework outside on the cold, hard concrete…


…Brandi gave Beau his evening bath…


…then called up her friend, Nina Caliente.

Brandi:  I need to vent and I need some advice.  Can you and Dina come over tomorrow?

Nina:  Yeah, we’ll stop by.  No problem.

Brandi, I’m not so sure about you seeking advice from the Caliente sisters.


As Brandi slept…


…Dustin snuck out to be with Angela Pleasant in a car that was OBVIOUSLY stolen.


At about 3:30 AM, Dustin’s ride back home was in the back seat of a Pleasantview patrol car…


…with a police officer that forced him to do the “walk of shame.”


Brandi slept through the entire law enforcement debacle.  So Dustin was able to board the school bus later that morning like nothing happened.

As Dustin headed off to school, Brandi was visited by the Caliente sisters.


Nina:  I see.  So, Skip left you with a little something to remember him by.

Dina:  What are you going to do, Brandi?

Nina:  Well, seems like the answer should be simple.  You should get yourself a Sugar Daddy!


Brandi:  A what?

To be continued…