The Schadenfreude Legacy 1.1

Read ISBI Challenge Rules.
Riskacy:  Having the founder and heirs marry (or breed with) the first adult Sim of the opposite (or same) gender that walks onto the lot.

NSFW:  Sexual Situations

The fearless leader, founder, patriarch, and torch holder, Hans Schadenfreude.  He’s a Scorpio.
Hans Schadenfreude resides here at 30 Middle Lane in Pleasantview.

Now that Hans has gotten settled into his home, it’s time to wait for that special someone to walk onto the lot.

Hans has decided to do some bird watching until it happens.

The first sim to walk onto Hans’ lot is Amy Jones.

I believe that would be a felony for Hans if he were to pursue her.

The second sim to walk onto the lot was Rod Humble.

I believe this would cause my game to explode!

Bored with bird watching and tired of waiting for “the one” to walk onto his lot, Hans goes inside to look for a job.  His dream career field was not advertised today.

Marie Rauscher comes strolling along.

Hans quickly comes out to greet her.

Hans:  If I kiss you, will you kiss me back?

Marie:  Uh.  Hmm…

Marie:  Yeah.  I’ll kiss you back.

Hans:  Hahaha!  Good!

It was a “Kiss Kiss Darling,” but still…

What the hell is going on here?!

Hans:  (internally) Wowwee!!  She’s so fine, she could catch a fish without a hook!

This groove gets totally interrupted by the neighbors coming to welcome Hans to the neighborhood.

Wanting to make a good impression, Hans whips up sushi for his guests.

I’m a little concerned about how he’s holding the knife.  It’s like a bloody accident waiting to happen.

Fortunately, there was no blood or amputations involved in Hans’ sushi preparations.

Poor Darren.  All the ladies are at the table with Hans, and Darren’s off by himself.

Darren:  It’s awfully cold over here.

The chemistry between Hans and Marie bubbled over during their meal.

Nina:  (internally) It’s like I’m not even here.

The chemistry continued bubbling after the meal.

Nina:  (internally)  Wow.  It’s like we’re not even here.

Darren:  (internally)  I want some of that.

Brandi:  Is there any more sushi?

The control of my game is now in the hands of the ACR.

The temperature was steadily rising on the inside, so Darren and Brandi went outside to throw water balloons at each other.

Inside, the chemistry between Hans and Marie morphed into a passion that burned hotter than 1,000 suns.

Hans:  I think we should exchange phone numbers.

Marie:  Yeah…

You two should probably exchange more than phone numbers.  I’m thinking…  Oh, I don’t know…  RINGS?!

Nina:  Oh my god!  Oh my god!!  They are in there totally getting it on right now!  Let’s go listen!!

Brandi:  Eww!!

Darren:  (internally) I wanna get it on.

You’ll have your chance, Darren.  You’ll have your chance…

Torch Holders: 1
Perma Platinum Sims:
Shrink Visits:
Social Worker Visits:
Accidental Deaths:
Bladder Accidents:
Top of Career:
Pass Outs:
Food Naps:

To be continued…