Colorful – Episode 2

NSFW:  Nudity & Sexual Situations

Rowe Smith is at the office of her employer, Assistance Resources, Inc.  She’s meeting with her boss, Gwendolyn McNamara, and receiving information about a new client.

“We have an assignment for you.”  Gwendolyn began.  “I cannot say with certainty if this will be permanent or temporary.”  She takes a pause.  “We’ve already sent seven candidates to this client and after meeting with them, he hasn’t been impressed with either of them enough to give a start date.”

Rowe sighed.  “…and you expect me to be any different?”

“We sent the client your resume and he’s interested in meeting with you.  So, who knows?”

“I’m not feeling very hopeful, and it almost sounds like you’re scraping me from the bottom of the barrel.”

“You shouldn’t feel that way at all, Rowe.  We’ve been at this since you were finishing up with the Chesne client.”

“I see.”  Rowe was doubtful.  “Anyway, who is this client, and what does he need?”

“The client needs a full-time personal assistant.  Someone to manage his affairs, finances, and children.  If you’re selected, you’ll be working for Demetre Pritchard.”

“Demetre Pritchard?  The Demetre Pritchard?  The Founder and CEO of Pritchard Publications?!”

“Yes, that very one.”  Gwendolyn said through a giggle.

Rowe leaves her seat and walks over to the windows.  She was in deep thought.

Rowe shared a home with her brother, Hayes, who did not know the meaning of moderation.  He enjoyed heavy drinking, drugs, and sex.  It made living with him rather difficult.  Unfortunately, Rowe was stuck with Hayes as none of her previous assignments paid enough or lasted long enough for her to live on her own.

Demetre Pritchard was offering room, board, AND a salary.  This could be the opportunity she was looking for, but it was iffy at best.  Seven candidates had already faced Pritchard, and not one of them was selected.  What chance could she possibly have?

“Rowe?”  Gwendolyn called, snapping Rowe out of her thoughts.

Rowe turned to face Gwendolyn.

“I have no idea where you went in your head just now, but your interview with the client is tomorrow at 10AM.”  Gwendolyn stated.

“Pritchard’s information is in the binder on the corner there.”  Gwendolyn said as she walked back to her desk.

Rowe looked at the binder.  On the cover was a black and gold business card.

“Well, that’s classy.”  She thought to herself.

Rowe scooped up the binder and headed to the door.

“Wish me luck, Gwen.”

“Best of luck to you, Rowe.  I’ll call you after the interview.”


After meeting with Gwendolyn and running some errands, Rowe pulled up in front of her home.  She was hesitant to enter the house.  When she left that morning, Hayes was still asleep.

Rowe exited her vehicle and headed towards the house.

When Rowe opened the front door, she was greeted with naked guests sleeping on the sofa, and some that were passed out on the floor.  There was a sea of clothing, alcohol, pill bottles, and trash.

“What the hell?!  I was only gone for six hours!”  Rowe said to herself.

Assuming that Hayes was either sleeping or passed out like the guests on the floor, Rowe went directly to his room to voice her anger.

It was not a good time for Rowe to enter his room.  Hayes was heavily engaged in a three-way.

“Goddammit, Hayes!!”  Rowe yelled.  “Are you really my fucking brother?!  I’m sick of this shit!!”

Hayes and his friends were so occupied with the three-way action that they didn’t even notice Rowe was in the room.  Her rampage was drowned out from the moaning, heavy breathing, and passionate screams.

Rowe sat on the edge of her bed with her head in her hands.  She was done with Hayes and the house.

“I can’t stay here anymore.”

Rowe’s sanity was riding on this opportunity.

A few hours later, Hayes came to Rowe’s bedroom door.

“Rowe.  I’m sorry.”  Hayes contritely said.

Hayes began to sob.

“I can’t help it.  I-I’m sick.  Please.  Talk to me, Rowe.  Say something.  Anything.”

There was no response.

Rowe had actually heard every word, but pretended to be asleep.

Hayes would go wild, apologize, do well for about a month, and then mess up all over again.  It was a repeat performance.

As Rowe drifted off into a real sleep, she hoped that tomorrow’s meeting with Demetre Pritchard would bring about a positive change in her life.

End of Episode 2