The Schadenfreude Legacy 1.6

Read ISBI Challenge Rules.
Riskacy:  Having the founder and heirs marry (or breed with) the first adult Sim of the opposite (or same) gender that walks onto the lot.

NSFW:  Nudity and Sexual Situations

Marie Schadenfreude has been dead for about one week.  It is now time for Hans to take another mate.  However, since Marie’s death…

Baby Blasa has aged up to a toddler.

Armin is still dealing with the loss of his mother and takes his hurt and anger out on the plants in the flower bed.

The girls seem to be doing just fine and spend their days skillbuilding together.

Hans is working on skillbuilding as well.  He needs to get promoted in order to earn the remaining §7,000 needed to move into a bigger home.


This is surprising since she was unfortunate enough to witness Death take her mother away.  I was sure she would be scarred for life behind that.


The first female to set foot on Hans’ lot while he was home just happened to be the Nanny, Kendal Lawson.  However, there is no way things could workout like this.

So, Kendal was aged back to the Adult Life Stage, and WOW!!

Did I break the ISBI legacy rules?  Probably.  Do I care?  Nope.

In front of the garbage and everybody, they hit it off quite well.

Hitting it off with Kendal was not enough for Hans.  He was later flirting with a VERY pregnant AND married, Cassandra Lothario whom he brought home with him from work.

Ada:  Daddy, is this our new mommy?

Kendal paid the flirting no mind as she was still in Nanny mode and busied herself with taking care of Blasa.

Kendal:  Hans, I wouldn’t mind bearing your children.

So, they get right to it!

After moving in the next morning, the first thing Kendal does is get on the computer to chat it up with some Pleasantview dudes.


Armin is a knowledgeable Aries that finds Formal Wear and potential partners that are good at cleaning to be attractive.  He despises red hair.  He is bi-sexual.


+1 for Food Naps!

+1 for Pass Outs!  She was so close, too.  Just a few more steps and she would have made it to the bed.

Kendal:  Urgh!!  Girls just want to have fun!  Curse you, SimGod!!  Why won’t you let me have fun?!

Armin has fun by watching his sister dream about him as she sleeps.  He’s a very doting brother.


The house is in a serious state of neglect.  The toilet is so disgusting that one could probably catch a staph infection just from standing next to it.




The afterlife has turned Marie into a bitch of a ghost!  She scared her own son so badly that he wet himself.

+1 for self wetting!


The bamboo trees were struck by lightning and set ablaze.  Not a single household member came out to see what was going on.

A few hours later…

When Hans finally woke up, he called the Fire Department.

So, what does Hans do after receiving these instructions from the Firefighter?

He goes and stands right in the middle of the fire, because……….why not?

I seriously thought that Hans was going to be a goner and this legacy would be over.

Thankfully, the second Firefighter comes and shoves the hose of the fire extinguisher up Hans’ ass!

That’s all you have to say?!


Things returned to normal after the fire.  Well, if cracking your adorable little sister’s skull with a softball is considered normal…..then…..yeah.


Hans ties the knot for a second time.

Immediately after the vows, Kendal goes into worry mode over money.

Welcome to the family, Kendal!  Please try not to die!!


Unable to afford a honeymoon, Hans and his family return home after the ceremony.  He immediately uses his “powers of persuasion” to get some much needed elbow grease done around the house.

Armin did the yard work…

…and the Nanny took care of cleaning, starting with the Staphylococcus infected toilet.

While the others worked, Hans and Kendal christened the bed as husband and wife.

Christening ceremony completed.  Now it’s time to build those skills.  Got to get that promotion!

No one was paying attention to Ada.  She was sunburned from staying outside too long.

No one was paying attention when Blasa aged up to a child.

Blasa’s age up pissed Ada off for some reason.


The next morning, Blasa was pissed off at Ada for being pissed off about her age up.

While Hans and Kendal were watching a boxing match on TV…

…there was a real live one going on in the kids’ room.  Armin was undisturbed.  Blasa – 1/1.  Ada – 0/1.

+1 for Fights!

20 minutes later on the TV…

…20 minutes later in the kids’ room.  Blasa – 1/2.  Ada – 1/2.

+1 for Fights!

I’m sure Blasa is wishing that this bed was Ada’s face.

Meanwhile, Ada gets attention from her doting older brother.

Poor Kendal can’t shower because someone else is always there.  That’s a problem when there’s five people and only one bathroom.

Hans fulfilled his want to study Parenting AND the household got some much needed Simoleons!


Both sisters get along well with Armin.  They just do not seem to like each other.

Ada looks like she really needed that hug from her father.  I guess when you’ve had two fist fights with your sister that were only 20 minutes apart, you need all the affection you can get.

Armin looks on as the ghost of his dearly departed mother raids the fridge.

He then tucks his sister, Ada, into bed before calling it a night himself.

His doting nature when it comes to Ada borders on creepy to me.

Two hours later…

Armin:  Urgh!!  Why am I the one that has to see this?!

Kendal:  OK!  Breathe, breathe, breathe, like we were taught in Lamaze class.  Hee Hee Hoo.  Hee Hee Hoo.  Hee Hee Hoo.

Baby boy, Bach is born!

He is the cutest baby ever born in Pleasantview!  I’m totally biased.  I know.

To officially welcome baby Bach into the family, Ada and Blasa hold a slugfest right next to his crib.  Blasa – 2/3.  Ada – 1/3.

+1 for Fights!

For good measure, they hold another slugfest just a few minutes later.  Blasa – 3/4.  Ada – 1/4.

+1 for Fights!

Welcome to jungle, Bach!

Torch Holders: 1
Perma Platinum Sims: 0
Shrink Visits: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Accidental Deaths: 1
Resurrections: 0
Fights: 4
Bladder Accidents: 3
Top of Career: 0
Pass Outs: 2
Food Naps: 3

To be continued…


The Schadenfreude Legacy 1.5

Read ISBI Challenge Rules.
Riskacy:  Having the founder and heirs marry (or breed with) the first adult Sim of the opposite (or same) gender that walks onto the lot.

NSFW:  Nudity and Sexual Situations

An awesome way to start an update.

Marie has lovingly acknowledged Armin.  In the last update, she regarded him as something one would scrape off the bottom of their shoe.

Looks like baby #3 is on the way.


Hans doesn’t need co-workers coming over.  He needs to earn §20,000 so he can move into a larger home.

He’s getting closer the the financial goal.

This is Nolan Jones, the co-worker that Hans invited over.  He danced in front of the radio for hours while Hans totally ignored him.

He was also totally ignored by Marie after she came home from work.

Nolan Jones:  (internally)  It’s lonely over here.

Go home, then!

Autonomously, Marie is very good about feeding Ada, but aside from that, she has no idea of what else to do for her.

First pop!

This pregnancy is already taking a toll on Marie.

She’s so bad off that she’s started having nightmares.

Armin always comes to give her hugs.  It’s like he knows that his mother is really bad off.

However, tossing a ball at night, in the rain, with her son is not going to make her fare any better.

Second pop caught at a really awkward moment.

Armin received a call from some random neighborhood kid and they talked like they’d known each other for ages even though they’ve never met.

Amin Sims is everybody’s friend.  Honestly, I have no idea how he even got there.  I think he just showed up and walked on into the house.

Things for Marie have gone from bad to worse.  She put Ada in her crib and ALMOST made it to the bed.  Unfortunately, she passed out right next to it.

Ada has aged up to a toddler and she is beautiful.  It looks like she has Marie’s lips and Hans’ nose.  I love the eyes against her dark skin!

Marie’s misery is heartbreaking to watch.  I’ve already used her one command, so there’s nothing I can do for her now.

Marie went into bladder failure and hunger desperation as soon as she got out of the shower.

While Marie is inside having a bad time, Hans is outside working on those two logic skill points that he needs for his next promotion.

Instead of doing his homework, Armin opts to destroy the sofa.

In their filthy bathroom, Marie goes into labor while standing in a puddle of her own pee.

Baby girl, Blasa Schadenfreude has arrived.  She looks exactly like Ada.

Marie went back into hunger desperation.

She went to stuff her face in the fridge.

Harry Monroe, because Sally O’Minky sounds like a loser name.

Yes!  Only §12,000 to go.

Then, just as Hans was pulling into the driveway, this happened…

Death:  (demonic voice)  I’m sorry you have to witness this, little one.

By the time Hans came in the house, Marie had been reduced to an urn.  It was too late for him to plead for her life.  No doubt that Ada will probably be traumatized for the rest of her life.

Instead of being devastated by the loss of his wife of 21 sim days, and the mother of his three children, Hans…

…and Brandi (who is married to Jason Menon) start making out right beside Marie’s urn.

What in the nine circles of hell is going on here?!

As if she sensed some shiggity, Marie started haunting the house immediately and in broad daylight.

What?!  Your wife died of starvation this week!!

Armin was the only one that mourned Marie’s death.

Marie Rauscher Schadenfreude

Torch Holders: 1
Perma Platinum Sims: 0
Shrink Visits: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Accidental Deaths: 1
Resurrections: 0
Fights: 0
Bladder Accidents: 2
Top of Career: 0
Pass Outs: 1
Food Naps: 2

To be continued…