Going for Broke – Chapter 3.5: Make Her Say…

This chapter’s focus is on Beau Broke.

Beau Broke has been bitten by the love bug.  This bug is none other than Sophie Miguel.

Beau:  (internally) Mmmhmm!  Dat ass!!

Sophie is probably the worst sim to fall for as she only has two nice points.  However, Beau believes he can be the one.

After bringing her home from school, he invites her in.  He tells her about Horatius Hummel‘s biopic and how Hummel’s life is reflected in his works.

Sophie tells Beau about her arrest for choking Mrs. CrumpleBottom.

Sophie:  She hit me with her purse, so I choked her.  Next thing I know, some cop’s grabbing my hands and cuffing me.

Sophie’s story continued over dinner.

Sophie:  She told the cops that I came for her unprovoked, but Lucky Shack’s security cameras caught the whole thing on film.  She saw me hugging on Centowski and went ballistic with that purse!

Beau loved that Sophie enjoyed dancing just as much as he did.  They danced together for hours.

Beau was attracted to Sophie’s feistiness.  He wanted her, and he put a plan in motion to get her.

He started working out every morning before school to lose that muffin top.

He lived off nothing but protein shakes for a month.

After he lost the weight, he spruced himself up.  And then…

Beau:  Look, baby.  I ain’t even gonna front. You know I want you.  You hear me knocking?

Sophie:  Ooo.  I’m hearing something.

Beau:  Then you need to let me in so we can do this.

Sophie:  That sweet swag is making me dig you like an old soul record.  Come on in, baby.

The deal is sealed with a kiss.

Beau:  Woo! Yeah!! I’m the man. I’m the man!! I’M THE MAN!!!

Beau’s sweet swag’s got Sophie’s nose wide open.

Now she can’t keep her hands off of him.

To be continued…