Going for Broke – Chapter 2.5: Dustin’s at University

NSFW:  Sexual Situations

Dustin Broke, Dirk Dreamer, and the Pleasant twins put their financial resources together and rented a house on the campus of Sim State University.

Brandi Broke soon visited Dustin to see how things were going in his new college campus life.  Dustin enthusiastically chatted about how he had not yet declared his major.

Things were going very well for Dustin and Angela!

Likewise, for Dirk and Lilith…

…until the slapping started.

The slapping eventually turned into full on brawling any time there were idle moments.  The brawling resulted in Lilith getting her ass kicked every time.

Dirk:  Dude, our girlfriends are at it again outside.

Dustin:  Yeah.  Well, it is Wednesday.

Fearing for her life and tired of finding her ass on the end of Angela’s foot, Lilith left and moved into the Tri-Var Sorority house.

Dirk visited her quite often.

So happy to be free of Angela’s foot on her neck, Lilith spent every night celebrating by dancing badly…

…and eating pizza.

This was supposed to be about Dustin, but as always, the Pleasant twins stole the show.

To be continued.