Colorful – Episode 4, Part 3/3

NSFW:  Nudity & Masturbation

Previously:  After taking a bit of time to think about Galen’s request, Donella agreed to become his roommate.  She, however, had a request of her own.

Now, it’s moving day.  Outside is sunny and the sound of birds chirping fills the air.

“Put that box down right there.”  The moving team leader instructed.  “We should go ahead and bring the large items in first.”

“Hmm…  I should plant some vegetables here.”  Donella said to herself.  “Cucumbers and tomatoes, maybe?”

“We’re all done, ma’am.”  The team leader said.

“Thank you so much for your services.”  Donella said.  “I’ll receive the bill in the mail, right?”

“Yes, ma’am.  Bye now.”

While Donella was unpacking the small items in her room, she heard Galen’s car pulling up.

“I should probably greet him.”

“Welcome home.”


“I picked up a few things from the market.  I also got some wine.”

“I think relaxing with a couple of glasses of wine is the best way to celebrate a successful move.”  Galen continued as he put the items in the fridge.

“Sounds good.”  Donella said.

“Hahahahahaha!!!  Either I’ve had WAAAAAY too many glasses of wine, or that really is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard!”  Donella choked out through fits of laughter.

“Probably a combination of both.”  Galen returned.

“Donella.  I know it’s your first day here, but remember my request?”


“W-Would it be too much to ask if we c-could do it t-today?”

“Nah.  No problem.”  In her mind, Donella was thinking, “I can’t say no when he looks at me with a face like that.”

“Thank you.  Then, I’ll go take a shower.”  Galen said as he headed to the bathroom.

“So, is there anything particular I should do?”

“Just remain seated over there…”

Thirty minutes later…

“Ah!  I’m coming!!”

“My god!”  Donella exclaimed.

“Exactly how often are you going to want to do that?”  Donella asked.

“Well, I couldn’t ask for more than once a week.”  Galen gently replied.

“OK.  Today is Tuesday, and it’s 9PM.  So again, next Tuesday at 9PM?”

“Yes, please.”

Donella sat in the living room alone, dazed.  She was feeling some kind of way.  If someone were to ask her to put words to her emotions, there was no way she would be able to do it.

End of Episode 4

Colorful – Episode 4, Part 2/3

Previously:  Donella Keohane met homeowner and roommate seeker, Galen Veeravalli.  Donella was pleased with the house and the neighborhood.  Galen seemed like a nice enough guy, but he had a rather unusual request.

“Ah.  Umm…  I don’t think I’m quite following you here…”

“T-To be more precise, I’d want you to be naked as well…”

“I’m sorry.  If you can’t do it, it really is fine.  I’ll just continue to search for someone who will listen to my request.”

“Well, you’ve really surprised me.”

“Just to make sure – we’re not talking about sex, right?”

“NO!  I could never!”  Galen was horrified at the thought.


“No.  And I wouldn’t touch.  I wouldn’t want you to touch me either.”  Galen takes a deep breath.  ”I just wanted to make my feelings clear.”  He assured.

“So, just looking?  And naked?”


“Wait.  Let me think about this.”  Donella said.

Outside, Donella’s gears were turning.  “§400 a month.  It’s §400 a month.”  She began.  “I could last two years on what I have in the bank alone.”

The internal dialogue continued for a few more minutes.  “There’s no way in hell I’d find a place as great as this for §400 anywhere else.”  She thought even harder.  “He did say it didn’t involve having sex.”

“I’ve decided!  I’ll do it!!  I’ll live here!!!”

“§400 and you pick up the utilities!”

“And you have to keep your promise.  Just looking.  And no trying to find out my personal circumstances.”


To be continued…

Colorful – Episode 4, Part 1/3

Donella Keohane pulls her car up in front of the home of Galen Veeravalli.  After exiting the vehicle, she approaches the door and presses the intercom button.

A masculine, yet gentle voice answers from inside.

“Who is it?”  The voice asks.

“It’s Donella Keohane.  I spoke with you on the phone about your classified ad for a roommate.”

Donella could hear the footsteps inside as they gradually made their way to the front door.

“Ah.  Yes.  You said you’d be here at 3PM.  You’re right on time.  I’m Galen Veeravalli.  Please, come in.”

Donella, led by Galen, enters the house.

“This is the spare room.  I’ve had everything whitewashed, so that the new roommate can decorate it however they like.  Carpet, paint, whatever.”

“It’s a nice room.”

“Take a look around.  We’ll only discuss financials and terms if you’re pleased with what you see and are interested.  No pressure.”

Donella begins walking around the house.

“He’s very clean.”  Donella says to herself while observing the spotless kitchen sink.

“This little dining area is also neat as well.”  Donella noticed.  “That’s a relief.”  She continued in her head.  “I couldn’t stand it if he was a slob.”

“Do you mind if I look at the backyard?”  she asked.

“Go ahead.”  Galen answered.

“It’s a bit on the small side, I’m afraid.”  He admitted.

“Not at all.  It’s perfectly lovely.”

“How do you like it so far?”

“Both the room and the neighborhood are great.  Much better than I expected.”

Galen and Donella take the conversation into the living room.

“How old is this house?”

“Almost 40 years.  I’ve kept up with all the maintenance and repairs.  The kitchen and bathroom were recently renovated.  I don’t expect there to be any problems.”

Oh.  Can I get you something to drink?”  Galen offered.

“No.  Thank you.  I’m fine.”

“You said on the phone that this is §800 a month, and utilities will be split down the middle.”

“Yes.  You may use everything here; the yard, living area, kitchen…even the television, stereo and PC.  The only thing off limits is my room, of course.  No need to worry about us tripping over each other or invading personal space.  I work and travel a lot, so you will rarely see me.”

“I see.”  She paused.  “I’m not working right now, and I have no plans to find a job anytime soon.  Are you sure you’re OK with someone lounging around in your home all day while you’re slaving away for 40+ hours a week?”

“As long as you pay what’s due, and on time, it’ll be fine.”

I have to say that I’m a bit nervous.  This is the first time a female has expressed an interest in the place.  I’ve had roommates since I purchased it, but they’ve all been male.”  Galen declared.

“Well, I’d be lying if I said I’m not a bit worried.  I’ve never done this before – living with a guy, and all.”

There was an awkward silence between Galen and Donella.

“Umm…  Actually…  I have a request of my own to make.”  Galen was nervous.  “The financial arrangement I gave you over the phone still stands, but if you agree to this, I’ll cut your rent in half and pick up all utilities.”

“Go on.”  Donella allowed.

“Well, it’s a big thing to ask.”

“Let me guess.  You want me to be responsible for all the cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping?”

“Well, no…”

“I would like you to watch me masturbate.”


To be continued…

Author’s Note:
Galen and Donella’s storyline will be loosely based on Kayou Yoru 9-Ji by Okado Tatsuya.

Serendipity BACC – Round 1: Johnsen Household

Read the Welcome.
Meet the Settlers.
Check out the moments from the Meet & Greet.

NSFW:  Nudity & Sexual Situations

This round begins with the Mayor, Trace Johnsen, increasing the city’s population with his housemate, Colly Mulford.


As Serendipity’s Mayor, Trace’s day begins before sunrise.

He does his warmups for an hour.

Trace loves music and dance.  When Serendipity is more established, he plans to give the City Center over to Serendipity then start his own dance academy.

His warmups are followed by an hour of Spinning.

He makes himself a healthy oatmeal breakfast.

After breakfast, he showers and then sits at his desk to answer the many emails he receives.

Colly’s awake now, and it seems that their most recent attempt to increase the population was successful.

Trace goes into his “man cave” to read the daily newspaper.

Trace and Colly work in some couch time before lunch.

Trace:  Man!  That was some serious wall-banging sex we just had!!

Colly:  Oh yeah!  We definitely made it rain in there!!

Jessamyn Mishra is the first settler to visit Mayor Johnsen today.

Trace:  I know you’re undecided on whether you want to run a business or not.  However, I can’t allow you to become a criminal again.

Trace:  The City Center is the only business up and running right now.  I want you to work there for me as a bartender until you decide what you want to do.  How does that sound?

Jessamyn:  Fair enough.  I’ll do it.

Colly’s had her first pop.

Serendipity hasn’t been established for a full week and there’s already gossip.  Poor Angelico.  I wonder what they’re saying about him.

There is no maid service yet, so even the Mayor has to scrub those toilets at the end of the day.


While Trace is up before the crack of dawn, Colly stays in bed dreaming about herself until well after the sunrises.

As Colly rests comfortably in bed, Trace is already knee deep in an unfortunate event born from bug hunting gone wrong.

Colly is a vegetarian and will be growing her own vegetables until Serendipity gets a green thumb resident that can farm and sell groceries.  If the aforementioned resident does not arrive soon, Trace may end up becoming a vegetarian as well.

The calls regarding businesses are flooding in.  Trace spend a lot of time on his cellphone during the day.

Fortunately, things quieted down in the evening allowing Trace to enjoy his dinner with Colly.  They each prepare their own meals because of their dietary preferences.  Colly is having vegetable soup for dinner.  Trace is enjoying chicken and dumplings.

Colly:  I’ve heard that elephants taste just like chicken.  Is that true, Trace?

Trace:  Umm…  I wouldn’t know that, Colly.

Trace and Colly are very excited about the upcoming arrival of Serendipity’s first natural born citizen.


Trace’s first visitor of the day was Tiffy Draper.

Trace:  Everything going well, Tiffy?  Have you made any friends?

Tiffy:  Not really interested in making friends.  I just want someone to make out with.

Trace’s cellphone rings.

Trace:  Please excuse me, Tiffy.  I have to take this call.

The caller was Dunn Swander expressing an interest in getting finances to open an electronics store.

Trace:  So, you were saying that you wanted someone to make out with?  I could be that someone for you.

Tiffy:  Well, I don’t have a problem with that, but aren’t you and Colly in a relationship?  She’s living here with you, after all, and she’s pregnant.

Trace:  It’s true that she’s my assigned housemate, and things have happened.  But, Colly’s all about the romance, and I have commitment issues.  So, it just kinda works out.  Also, as Mayor, I have to do what I can to make sure that my citizens are happy.

Tiffy:  OK, then.  Come by anytime.

Trace:  Alright.

That same night, Mayor Trace Johnsen became the proud papa of Serendipity’s first natural born citizen.

Welcome to Serendipity, Cullan Mulford.  It looks like he’s going to be a clone of his father, Trace Johnsen.

Trace enjoys taking care of Cullan.


Colly’s garden is coming along nicely.

Being the father of a newborn and Mayor of a recently established city is exhausting.  Trace works in a nap whenever he can.


Trace still gets up before sunrise.  However, he breaks his usual morning routine and studies Parenting instead.

Later that morning, Trace and Colly begin working on Serendipity’s second natural born citizen.  They have yet to use the bed for this.

Trace arrives at the City Center and opens it up promptly at noon.

About the City Center

Mayor Trace Johnsen is the owner and operator of the City Center.  It is open three days a week from noon to 9PM.

In the vestibule of the City Center is a computer that citizens use to pay their taxes.  There is also an ongoing Mahjong tournament.

In the posterior portion of the City Center, citizens can attend various seminars.  Today, Jessamyn Mishra is giving a lecture on “The Importance of Technology and Infrastructure.”

The City Center also boasts a fully furnished kitchen and bar for citizens to use at their leisure during seminars.

Trace starts announcing the closing of business shortly before 9PM.

After cleaning and locking up, Trace and Colly return home together.

End of Round 1:  Johnsen Household

Playable Sims: 12
Multiplier: 2
Current Population: 24

Gender Breakdown
Males: 6
Females: 6

Species Breakdown
Sim: 10
Alien: 2
Zombie: 0
Vampire: 0
Werewolf: 0
Servo: 0
Plantsim: 0
Witch/Wizard: 0

Age Breakdown
Elder: 0
Adult: 11
Young Adult: 0
Teen: 0
Child: 0
Toddler: 0
Baby: 1

Aspiration Breakdown
Family: 3
Fortune: 1
Knowledge: 1
Romance: 3
Popularity: 1
Pleasure: 2
Grilled Cheese: 0
Growing Up: 0

Serendipity – BACC: Meet & Greet

Read the Welcome.
Meet the Settlers.

After the settlers arrived in Serendipity and moved into their assigned residences, Mayor Johnsen hosted a Meet & Greet at the City Center.  The City Center is Serendipity’s first establishment, and is owned by Mayor Johnsen.

The Meet & Greet was the perfect opportunity for the settlers to get to know each other.  However, there were business matters that needed to be discussed.

Mayor:  Umm…  Hey everybody.  I’m Trace Johnsen, a fellow convict, and I’ve been designated Serendipity’s Mayor by the SimNation Department of Justice.  So, I guess the first order of business is to have …  umm … the senior coordinator of this experiment, Special Agent Armando Johnson, address all attendees.  Agent Johnson, if you will, please.


Special Agent Johnson will indeed be watching.  He’s acting as the city’s taxi driver, after all.

Mayor:  Ahem.  Thank you, Agent Johnson, I think.  Umm…  Anyways, as you all know, we’ll soon be coming into Springtime.  SimNation’s Department of Justice will begin sending new residents this summer, but only if growth is seen in our infrastructure.  Umm…  So, this is the prime time to decide what businesses you wish to start and work on honing the necessary skills.  Feel free stop by my home at anytime to discuss your business plans, and I will allocate the appropriate funds to get your business started.

Mayor:  Let’s hope that the SNDOJ sends us a resident with a green thumb to tend to the area zoned for farming.  Also … umm … taxes are due every Monday, and will be considered late if not paid by … umm … 5PM on Wednesday.  Any payments made after that day will incur a fee of §100.  You can make payments here at the City Center, drop them off at my home, or pay online.

Mayor:  Umm…  So … Welcome settlers to Serendipity.  Let’s do all we can to make this experiment a success.

Playable Sims: 10
Multiplier: 2
Current Population: 20

Gender Breakdown
Males: 4
Females: 6

Species Breakdown
Sim: 9
Alien: 1
Zombie: 0
Vampire: 0
Werewolf: 0
Servo: 0
Plantsim: 0
Witch/Wizard: 0

Age Breakdown
Elder: 0
Adult: 10
Young Adult: 0
Teen: 0
Child: 0
Toddler: 0
Baby: 0

Aspiration Breakdown
Family: 3
Fortune: 1
Knowledge: 0
Romance: 3
Popularity: 1
Pleasure: 2
Grilled Cheese: 0
Growing Up: 0


Serendipity BACC – Meet the Settlers

Angelico Pelzel
Aspiration: Romance
Zodiac: Leo
+ Great Cook
+ Athletic
– Gray Hair
Bisexual / Animal Hater / Couch Potato / Color-blind / Flirty / Can’t Stand Art
Conviction: Fraud

Annaliese Rousseau
Aspiration: Popularity
Zodiac: Sagittarius
+ Werewolf
+ Full Face Make-up
– Stink
Gay / Coward / Born Salesman / Vain Photographer’s Eye / Black Thumb
Conviction: Ponzi Schemes

Colly Mulford
Aspiration: Romance
Zodiac: Scorpio
+ Cologne
+ Charisma
– Red Hair
Straight / Vegetarian / Shy / Workaholic / Adventurous / Frugal
Conviction: Insider Trading

Dunn Swander
Aspiration: Pleasure
Zodiac: Scorpio
+ Creativity
+ Swimwear
– Werewolf
Gay / Computer Whiz – Techie / Technology Lover / Star Quality / Good / Charismatic
Conviction: Cybercrime

Heda Toste
Aspiration: Family
Zodiac: Libra
+ Facial Hair
+ Hard Worker
– Grey Hair
Gay / Night Owl / Charismatic / Frugal / Savvy Sculptor / Star Quality
Conviction: Labor Racketeering

Jared Simons
Aspiration: Pleasure
Zodiac: Taurus
+ Hard Worker
+ Facial Hair
– Unemployed
Bisexual / Insane / Shy / Diva / Star Quality / Black Thumb
Conviction: Embezzlement

Jessamyn Mishra
Aspiration: Family
Zodiac: Scorpio
+ Fitness
+ Great Cook
– Full Face Make-up
Gay / Dramatic / Hot-headed / Neat / True Slacker / Mooch / Ambitious
Conviction: Copyright Infringement

Kimberlee Avrett
Aspiration: Fortune
Zodiac: Aries
+ Werewolf
+ Underwear
– Zombies
Gay / Can’t Stand Art / Animal Lover / Childish / Lucky / Angler
Conviction: Money Laundering

Tiffy Draper
Aspiration: Romance
Zodiac: Libra
+ Hard Worker
+ Facial Hair
– Unemployed
Straight / Clumsy / Good / Artistic / Vegetarian / Social Butterfly
Conviction: Identity Theft

Trace Johnsen (Mayor)
Aspiration: Family
Zodiac: Pisces
+ Charisma
+ Full Face Make-up
– Glasses
Bisexual / Workaholic / Technophobe / Commitment Issues / Frugal / Bookworm
Conviction: Forgery

Author’s Note:
Tiffy Draper and Colly Mulford were downloaded from a player’s/creator’s site. I cannot remember where. If you recognize them, please let me know so that I can give credit  are ariranamaharielsims’, but her tumblr page no longer exists.  They can be downloaded from Misha’s Sims.

Colorful – Episode 3

Akron stood dumbfounded and dazed in front of his locker.  Kanady Peattie’s marriage proposal has caused him to be a bit off kilter the past few days.  Akron’s friend, Yves Ceriale has noticed.

“What’s going on?”  Yves asked.  “You’ve been totally out of it for the last few days.”

Akron looked troubled.

“Yves, what would you do if a total stranger asked you to marry them?”

“Did something like that actually happen to you?”

Akron remained silent, only looking at Yves.

“Wait.  What?!  Maybe it was just a joke.”

“I don’t know why she said that to me, but it didn’t seem like she was joking.”

“She must be a real beauty, because you actually don’t sound like you’re opposed to the idea.  I’m actually impressed!”

“Impressed?  Why?”

“This is actually the first time you’ve shown an interest in the opposite sex.”

“Well … yeah.  You’re right.  I guess.”

Since that Saturday morning when he left Peattie’s Used Books, Akron had not been able to get Kanady’s face out of his mind.

It was not that Akron had no interest in girls, it was mainly that Akron had not met any girls that enjoyed talking about books.

However, for Akron, it was more.  There was something about Kanady that felt comforting and familiar.

“You goin’ home, Akron?”  Yves wanted to know.

“Yeah.  What’s up?”  Akron asked.

“Do you mind if I hang out at your place today?  I really don’t feel like going home.”

“I don’t mind, but there’s no snacks.  I’ll need to do some grocery shopping.”

“Go ahead and let yourself in.”  Akron started.  “You remember where I hid the key?”  He asked.

“In the flower pot by the front door, right?” Yves confirmed.

“That’s right.”  Akron said.

Yves left the school building and made his way to Akron’s house.  Akron went to the grocery store, which was in the opposite direction.

Peattie’s Used Books was on the way to the grocery store.  Akron stood outside wondering if he should go in.  He was still trying to make a decision when …


Kanady was standing in the doorway.

“Oh.  Hello.”

“Come on in.”

“I just love the smell of old books.”  Akron said as he looked around and inhaled.

“My father collected books from all over the world.  It’s his collection that helped me open this store.”

“So, your father is …”

“Dead?  No. no.  He’s alive and well.  It’s just been a long time since I’ve seen him.”  Kanady paused.  “Years actually.”

Akron was touched by her admission.

“I haven’t seen my parents in years, either.  They’re off traveling around the world.  I’m close to forgetting what they look like.”

“We might be the same, you and I.”  Kanady said as she put her hands on Akron’s shoulders.

“We might be.”  Akron softly responded.

“You feel like a good memory, Akron.”

“A good memory?”

“Mhmm.  Like something I lost a long time ago.”  Kanady reached out to caress Akron’s cheek.

“I feel like you might be able to bring those good times back to me.  That’s why I want you.”

“I have nothing to offer you.”  Akron said, sounding a little disappointed with himself.

“I only need you, Akron.”  Kanady said with a gentle smile.  “And it might not be much, but I’ll be yours, too.”

Kanady wanted Akron from the bottom of her heart, and he was beyond moved by that.

“Were you lonely, Akron?”

“Yes.”  Akron whispered through tears.

“I’m too young now, but when I graduate from University, let’s get married.”

Kanady, who was now in tears, nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, at Akron’s house, Yves was …

“Aaaaakron …  Come hoooome …  I’m staaaarving …”

End of Episode 3